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Assalam O Alaikum Today I’m sharing A Amazing Shah E Meraj Quotes In All language Shah E Meraj Quotes In Urdu English Hindi.

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Shab E Meraj Quotes Download

Here Are the All Best Shab e Meraj quotes images For My Muslim Brother And Sister.

The List of Top Shab E Meraj Quotes.

Shab E Meraj SMS In Text

Jibreel E Ameen Ye Kehty Chaley Aye

Arshiyon Tumharey Bhaag Jagey

Tazeem Ko Sab Ho Jao Kharey

Mehboob Hamara Awat Hal

Shab E Miraj

shab e meraj quotes images


Shab E Miraj SMS in Text

Rehmato Ki hai Yeh Raat
Namazon Ka Rakhna Sath
Manwa Lena Ran Se Har Baat
Duaon Main Rakhna Yaad
Mubarak Ho aap Ko


shab e meraj quotes images

There are More Shab E Meraj SMS Quotes Collection.

shab e Meraj quotes in Urdu

Aj ki Shab ha jo koi is Shab ko Zinda Rakhy ga,

ALLAH ki Behisab Rehmat Se Mehroom Na Rahy ga.

shab e meraj quotes in urdu

Shab e Meraj Quotes in Urdu

Shab E Meraj SMS in Urdu

Rab E kainaat se Dua Hai Ke

Aaj Jab Muqaddar likhna jaey to Allah Pak har dukh Burai

Pareshani, Gham, Beemari, aur Nuqsaan Se Aap Jo aur

Hum Sub ko Maaf Farmaye Ameen

shab e meraj quotes in urdu


shab e miraj mubarak quotes in urdu


Shab E Meraj Beautiful SMS
‘/\ (* /|||| _.-‘-._ _.-‘-._ ||||
*.*Shab-E-Meraj*.* *.*Mubarik*.* Ho*.*
Duao me yaad rakhna…!’

shab e miraj quotes in urdu

Shab E Meraj SMS text 2019
‘Aaj,,, Aaj ik Hasi 0r Bant lo0oo,,, Aaj ik Dua 0r Mang lo0oo,,, Aaj ik Ansoo 0r pi lo0oo,,, Aaj ik Zindagi 0r ge lo0oo,,, Aaj ik Sapna 0r Daykh lo0oo,,, Aaj kya Pata,, ( KAL HO NA HO)Shabe Meraj Mubarak Ho.
(ALLAH Bless u).. . . .’


Shab e meraj quotes 2019

Shab E Meraj Quotes in English

Shab E Miraj English Text SMS

Tonight Is Shab E Miraj.
Remember Me in Your Prayers.

May Allah Provide You With Solace,
Bundles Of Happiness,

Health And Wealth Through Out The Year Ameen.

shab e miraj mubarak quotes in english

Shab E Miraj SMS Text In English
‘”Shub-e-Barat will be on Friday.
Maybe my name is written in
the list of those people who shall die
this year and maybe
I shall never meet you again.
So I humbly request you all,
to please forgive me and my mistakes,
which I made!.
I am very very very sorry for all the mistakes.
Pray For Me’


shab e miraj mubarak quotes in english

shab e Miraj forgiveness quotes

‘To All my friends…
Shub-e-Barat will b To NYT.
Might b my name shall b written
in d list of those ppl who shall
die this year and might b I shall
not meet you again. So let me
apologize on all my mistakes
which you know or which you don’t know,
which you remember or which you forget.
Plz, do forgive me before dis holy night.
I’m feeling ashamed on all day.
May b I couldn’t get a chance to request you again.
S0, plz do forgive all my mistakes which hurt u.

shab e miraj mubarak quotes in english


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